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Empowering your digital presence with bespoke web and software solutions. Dive into the portfolio of a seasoned developer and security auditor based in Chicago.

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Hello! I'm Eric, a freelance web and software developer from Chicago. I specialize in creating custom solutions for the mental health and fitness industries, bringing over 10 years of experience to each project.

  • Expert in WordPress and Squarespace platforms.
  • Developer of custom software solutions, including digital signage software.
  • Skilled in performing detailed website security and HIPAA compliance audits.

With a focus on delivering high-quality and user-centric designs, I aim to enhance your digital presence and help you achieve your business goals. Explore my portfolio to see how I've helped other businesses succeed.

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Lines of Code written in various projects, showcasing my hands-on coding experience.

Hours of Development spent creating robust and scalable solutions.

Technology Tools Utilized to deliver versatile and cutting-edge solutions.

Years of Experience delivering high-quality and impactful technology solutions.


Unleash potential and capture value with our expertly crafted technology solutions designed to drive results.

Web Development

Transforming your ideas into reality with custom, responsive, and efficient web solutions that enhance user engagement and business growth.

Software Development

Developing robust software applications tailored to meet your business needs using the latest technologies in Laravel, PHP, and JavaScript.

Website Security & HIPAA Audits

Protecting your digital assets with comprehensive security audits, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing best practices to safeguard your online presence.

Responsive Web Design

Explore the power of responsive design to create visually appealing and highly functional websites that adapt seamlessly to every device, enhancing user experience and increasing engagement.

API Integration Services

Learn how integrating various APIs can enhance your software solutions, streamline processes, and provide seamless user experiences. Discover the strategies we implement for robust API integration.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Optimize your operations, reduce costs, and enhance scalability with our cloud computing services. See real-world examples of how our cloud solutions support business growth and agility.

Mobile App Development

Transform your ideas into innovative and market-leading apps. Check out our capabilities in developing successful mobile applications across various industries, tailored to meet specific needs.


A glimpse into a selection of projects that demonstrate my expertise in web development, custom software solutions, and security enhancements across various industries.

Ida Lillie

Therapy practice in Chicago, IL.

Loqui Wellness

Therapy practice in Chicago, IL.

The Puerto Rico Project

Harm reduction non-profit

Jordan Tivers, LCSW, CGP

Private individual and group therapist.

Serengeti Wellness

Therapy practice in Chicago, IL.

Better Perspective Therapy

Therapy practice in Chicago, IL.

Move with Mia

Personal trainer

Immediate help resources for queer people.


Transparent Pricing for Specialized Services

Custom Development


  • Tailored Web Design and Development
  • Complete website creation or redesign
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Let's talk about how I can help you build your idea

Website Security Audit


  • Comprehensive security check of WordPress and cPanel
  • Identify vulnerabilities like SQL injections, XSS
  • Audit up to 3 years of logs per platform
  • Improvement recommendations and best practices

HIPAA Compliance Audit


  • Audit of hosting provider, CMS, cPanel
  • Google Workspace and EHR software compliance check
  • Audit up to 3 years of logs per platform
  • Detailed report with compliance status and recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with WordPress?

As a WordPress Pro, I can create fully customized websites, enhance existing themes, optimize performance, and provide ongoing maintenance and security updates. Whether you need a blog, an e-commerce site, or a complex corporate site, I ensure top functionality and design.

Can you work with Squarespace websites?

Yes, I can work with Squarespace to enhance your existing website through their platform’s capabilities, focusing on layout adjustments, feature enhancements, and SEO improvements. Please note that I do not create custom templates for Squarespace.

What experience do you have in custom software development?

I have extensive experience in developing bespoke software solutions, including digital signage software that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. My expertise allows me to build software that is both innovative and user-centric, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

How can AI be integrated into my business?

I adopt a human-first approach to AI implementation, assessing the potential impact and benefits of AI within your specific context. This involves analyzing your operations to identify areas where AI can enhance efficiency, customer interaction, or data management, ensuring the technology aligns with your business goals.

What is the typical timeline for a web development project?

The timeline for web development varies based on the project's scope and complexity. A simple website might take a few weeks, while more complex sites could take several months. I provide a detailed timeline after our initial consultation and adjust as necessary to accommodate changes and ensure the highest quality.

What is included in your website security audit for WordPress/cPanel?

My website security audits cover all aspects of WordPress and cPanel configurations to ensure optimal security. This includes checking for vulnerabilities, ensuring secure configurations, reviewing user permissions, and scanning for malware.

What does a HIPAA compliance audit involve?

A HIPAA compliance audit involves evaluating your hosting provider, CMS, cPanel, Google Workspace, EHR software, and employee awareness practices. This comprehensive approach ensures all aspects of your data handling meet HIPAA standards to protect sensitive health information.

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